MDRT & Winning Sales Training - You simply cannot fail
The inner game of Super Sales


This immensely effective sales course comes from 10 years of selling every training solution by himself. About 90% of his training solutions were researched and designed solely by Vas, the principal trainer of Leading Performance Singapore. “You Simply Cannot Fail – The Inner Game of Super Sales” is such a course.

30 years of training reluctant minds to do physically demanding and dangerous things while in the Singapore Armed Forces, Vas’s experience in having a deep understanding on how people make decisions is deep and very sound. Having formally studied with the very best sales gurus in the world, mastered Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) and Hypnosis, he weaves all of these modalities with his practical experiences and enriches his courses, making them extremely effective and sought after.

In just 2 intensive 12 hour days, you stand to experience and take away deeply programmed sales behaviour and tools that will set you apart from your past capability and your competition instantly.

This program will be customized and modularized for each organisation so that each session is powerful & the experience and skills gained can be used to power-up performance immediately.

Foundation of the Concepts & Processes

This is certainly not a program where the trainer/guru may ask the participants to ‘do it like me and you’ll be as successful as me’. Although you wouldn’t be too far off if you take that approach, it takes too much effort because psychologically we may be uniquely quite different. Hence, there is a need for a Mind Science that is comprehensive, flexible and dynamic enough to help someone internalize the success processes quickly and sustainably. Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) is it.

Founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in 1972, it is the study of strategies of excellence. They invented a powerful Modelling process and elicited the strategies of how the best on the planet(past & present) became so. The people modelled were authorities, champions and leaders from just about every passion, function & profession that one could think of. What they discovered was that they all made exceptional decisions in very unique ways.

It was discerned that their decision making processes were impacted by their Nervous System(Neuro), the way they communicated with themselves and others(Linguistics) and the way they behaved mentally and physically(Programming). Stemming from this research is a rich and comprehensive Mind Science that has the band-width to provide personal mastery solutions for Kids, Adults and Organisations at the highest level. Moreover, the concepts and processes are pervasive and evolving with the changes happening to us.

Fundamentally, NLP provides the way to shorten the learning curve and allow ordinary people to live their maximum capacity and true potential in a fraction of time they would have normally taken. This can be done through the numerous levels of certification training, customized talks, seminars, workshops & courses.

Main Objectives

There are 2 categories of Sales people. The new/junior and the experienced. Some of the challenges they face are as follows:

New/Junior – 2 categories

1) First timer luck expires – These people will question why this is happening to them and may quit the business for a ‘real job’.

2) Never took off – They lose steam and quit the business for a ‘real job’

b. Experienced – 2 categories

1) Going through ‘burn-out’ – They may slow down for fear of stress and poor health.

2) ‘Just enough’ syndrome – They manage ‘burn-out’ by under-performing and will do the minimum always. 90% of human beings are in this category called the ‘why should I’ people.

For MDRT potentials the above symptoms may be present at some degree or other. Based on our discussion you have ideally split them in two groups and their issues may be as follows:

a. Ex MDRT achievers vying for another award in 2013. Their issues may be as follows:

1) Complacency

2) “Hit the wall” and need help to break mental barriers

3) Exhausted

4) Want to do better but the “Glass Ceiling” hold then back

5) Seeking new ways to crack the resistance/objection/rejection code

b. New MDRT aspirants. Their issues may be as follows:

1) Have serious stifling belief problems. Thick ‘Glass Ceilings’ to smash through

2) Lack energy to do what it takes. Lack capacity

3) Do not have a ‘Why?’ to go for. No serious Higher Purpose.

4) Do not know what it really means/takes to function at that level

5) Need new and effective ways to crack the resistance/objection/rejection code

Based on the above and more the main objectives of this workshop are as follows:

a. To reaffirm their conviction to excel in the sales profession, that it is their PASSION.

b. To re-engineer their Self-Image so that Psychologically they will be driven to perform full-on

c. To have a clear understanding that it is impossible to fail in their lives

d. To learn how to control their negative thoughts & emotions

e. To SET powerful & comprehensive goals and learn how to work with their Unconscious Minds(UCM) to GET them.

f. Experience & appreciate the unlimited potential of the UCM. Breakthrough with FireWalking

g. How to build rapport instantly and covertly

h. How to utilize the natural decision making inclinations of themselves and of their clients

i. Become more aware of their own personalities and how to utilize this awareness for successful selling

j. Learn how to calibrate client’s personality on-the-fly

k. Learn and utilize powerful persuasion language patterns to communicate past conscious resistance of clients

l. Improve their memory & creativity instantly

m. Understand and utilize ‘anchoring’ as a catalyst to closing sales

n. Apply all of the above and more in a 5 step sales process