Team Building: Dream Team Warrior & Dream Team Ultimate Warrior


Leading Performance Singapore is honoured to serve a distinguished organisation such as yours. Dream Team Warrior Camp is not for the feint hearted. It is not for those who want to do ‘some’ team building. Rather, it is specially customized for those who have a notion of what it means to play their ‘game of life’ at the highest level.

This camp is for leaders who want to experience a Psychological make-over through Mental & Physical Breakthrough activity that even seasoned soldiers will have second thoughts about. This is undoubtedly a high-end outing held at Sibu Island, Johore, Malaysia over 3 to 4 days.

To run such an event, we have our principal trainer & guide, Mr Vas who has undergone some of the most rigorous military training from all over the world and with his team of experienced facilitators, Leading Performance Singapore will ensure an indelible experience with uncompromising safety standards.


This program concept & outline is specifically created to provide bosses of winning organisations a snap shot of the value of “Dream Team warrior Camp” so that they can make a brilliant & daring decision.

General Idea & Concept

Why such a camp? Why is there a need to make things so challenging for people? To those who are satisfied with mediocrity and prefer to stay in the comfort zone, this camp will be too dreadful even to think about it. For the 1% of exceptional leaders who are constantly finding ways of breaking barriers and staying ahead of the competition, this Camp is for you specifically. You know for sure that being number one is extremely hard. You know for sure that for Massive Results you must be prepared to take Massive Action.

The problem is, people often don’t know what they don’t know. Therefore, they would naively accept the comfort zone or mediocrity. Vas has experienced very educated people disputing why they would go beyond their comfort zones. This is when education gets in the way of their wisdom. People become very self-centred. To such people “the teacher will appear when the student is ready”. We move on to help those who are ready. If you are still reading, something must have surfaced in your mind, for sure. Let’s press-on and explore making it happen for you.

In our brand and approach to Team-building we make it a point to put people in situations where the learning will surface instinctively. Then we bring the learning to a conscious level and map them across, to surmount the real issues confronting them at work and in life. We use contraptions and elements of nature that are designed to put teams and individuals through varying levels of intensity and experience. While we do these, we exercise the highest level of safety. Minor injuries can happen, like getting cut by a kitchen knife while cutting vegetables.

Leading Performance Singapore has the capability to serve you with the ‘run-of-the-mill’ Team Building indoor or outdoor events but we urge you to take the path less travelled, ultimately to raise expectations and sky-rocket performance levels.

The Dream Team Warrior Camp is designed on 3 main principles:

a. The Team/Organisation seriously wants to become number one.

b. The leaders are driven to take the lead and inspire their Team/Orgn.

c. This is a high end outing & experience.

Main Objectives

Essentially, teams and organisations would consider using the Dream Team Warrior Camp on 4 possible occasions and the main objectives may be as follows:

a. Goal setting and Action Planning Meeting for the coming year.

(1) This is the most critical occasion for the leaders to align their Vision, Mission & Goals with their members.

(2) Using NLP processes members will be assisted to set audacious goals and be guided to engage their Unconscious Mind to achieve them.

(3) Mental & Physical breakthrough activities will be used to raise the mental expectations, beliefs & confidence.

(4) Hypnotherapy processes will be used to clean up any negative emotions and/or limiting beliefs that may be inhibiting progress.

(5) “How would being a team player enhance my performance?” This question will be pondered over and commitment will be elicited through team challenge activities.

b. Half Year review & Power-up for the 2nd half of the year.

(1) This is a Half-way mark ‘pit-stop’ and the intention is to ‘soup-up’ the innate abilities of the members of the organisation. In doing so, they will be powered-up to overcome their perceived limitations and ‘breakthrough’ the goals set at the beginning of the year.

c. 3rd Quarter review & Sprint to the finish line.

(1) This happens sometime in September to charge-up the energy levels and spirit of the members to give their all in the final quarter of the performance year.

(2) Ideally, if they have done “Dream Team Warrior Camp” earlier, this is when they would do “Dream Team Ultimate Warrior Camp” which will be held in Lake Kenyir, Terengganu.

Here are the customizable main objectives of Dream Team Warrior Camp :

a. Have a Mind-set change towards Peak Performance and Passion.

b. Have a deep understanding of how & why being in a Peak Emotional State can change their lives and enhance Peak Performance.

c. Evaluate & re-set their Goals for the 2nd half of the year.

d. Have a deep understanding of how to engage their Unconscious Mind to GET their goals both as an individual and as a team.

e. Have a deep understanding of how being concerned for Team Goals can have a positive effect on personal goals.

f. Experience several mind-blowing feats and notice the expansion of their expectations or inner game.

g. Experience Change happening instantaneously while being confronted by super intense metaphoric situations.

h. Have a deeper understanding of the true meaning of leadership and role as leaders in the industry.

i. Program their desired behaviours for success using a Mind Programming tool.

j. Appreciate the value of coaching someone else to sustain their own Peak Performance.