Leadership Retreat - Alignment of Vision, Mission, Values, Identity
Common purpose for the creation of an organisation with a "Winning Mindset & Outstanding Performance"


Leaders should poise themselves to bring out the very best from everyone in the organisation and consequently, establishing themselves as leaders in the industry. To achieve this audacious goal, there is a need for the leadership team to go through an immersion to validate their past performances and to craft out a master piece of a plan that will allow a ground-breaking overall performance from the entire organisation.

Such an event will be held over 2-days. Prior to the event, Coach Vas will meet with all the leaders and a sampling of employees from the entire organisation to understand deeply their vibes and to coach them in their preparation for the actual 2-days.

Main Objectives

The main objectives desired from this 2-day retreat are as follows:

a. Everyone partake in the brainstorming, creation & ownership of the Vision, Mission, Values & Identity of the organisation.

b. The above is shared, internalised and cascaded to every member of the newly energized performance force.

c. That each functionary is able to articulate actionable processes to exemplify the above

d. That each functionary is totally committed to ‘walk their talk’ and serve one another with a common higher purpose foremost in mind

e. That the Members of the Leadership & Management Team work together and support one another, bringing about a new level of efficiency & effectiveness in every way