Public Programmes

1) ”Ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching” NLP Practitioner Certification Course

NLP Practitioner Certification Training has been around since the early 70s and have been delivered based on a generic value to empower people who want to not only live awesome lives but also to help others as well. The incisive processes used to achieve results come from the study of strategies of excellence which were derived from modelling the authority figures of almost all areas of human existence. As it is, the traditional structure of NLP Practitioner Certification training has been extremely effective and powerful.

Having taught this program for more than 10 years, Vas has found that tweaking the contents and analogies to the theme, ‘leadership & Coaching’ is extremely critical in present times. Natural leaders are hard to come by and even the few may not have exposure to lead under the ever changing mindscape of people. NLP leadership ideas & processes are organic in nature and can be adapted pervasively to overcome challenges creatively & efficiently. The next concern for leaders is to get people to perform. By far, NLP has the most elegant & clinical Therapeutic processes to change a wide range of human disorders. Hence, Vas’s NLP Practitioner Certification Course is customized to empower & equip leaders to get what they want & to help ordinary people & organisations achieve extraordinary results.

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2) Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is present when a person gets into a relaxed state of mind/body & becomes suggestible to instructions, especially which are aligned with their core values. Hypnotherapy is more incisive when dealing with changing or healing both physical & psychological disorders. Mastering Hypnosis & therapy or Hypnotherapy is a very powerful expertise that leaders, managers, counsellors, teachers, medical practitioners(doctors, surgeons, nurses) parents etc should have so that they can help their people perform at their very best.

Essentially, you gain mastery over how to get past conscious resistance and perform intervention at the unconscious level of the person. Having studied from the very best in the world, both Ericksonean & main stream hypnotherapy, 12 years of practical experience healing Kids & Adults, utilizing covert hypnotherapy in Peak Performance, teaching leaders to engage the inner mind of their people to elicit the very best from them, Vas delivers his brand of Hypnotherapy certification training at 3 levels: Basic 4 days, Advanced 6 days & Masters 6 days. Unique to Vas’s Hypnotherapy training is his incorporation of NLP as the foundation of being a professional & skilful hypnotherapist.

3) Time Line Therapy

Created by Dr Tad James of the Time Line Therapy Association USA, Time Line Therapy is a very powerful & quick process of releasing Negative Emotions &. reframing Limiting Beliefs. Going through this education enables a Leader or Therapeutic Coach to have a deep understanding of the causes of disorders and the intricate processes & evolution of change in a human being.

Time Line Therapy is the key to programming the Unconscious Mind of a person to getting the Goals that they want. The pre-requisite for this 2-day powerful immersion are that you must be a certified NLP Practitioner & a certified Hypnotherapist at the Basic level.

4) Master NLP Practitioner Certification Course

Certified Master NLP Practitioner is a highly prestigious qualification in the Leadership & Coaching fraternity. The pre-requisite to this level of training are NLP Practitioner certification, Basic Hypnotherapy certification & Time Line Therapy certification. Master Practitioner training explores higher levels of thinking & existence where bandwidth & capacity to solve problems are expanded exponentially. Multi-faceted processes that are both organic & generative are employed to draw distinctive performances from everyone. Leaders will have the mental ability to stay a few steps ahead of their people. Higher levels of internal reference points will be activated so that high level decisions are made quickly & effectively. Vas titled this course, “Advanced Ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching”, Master NLP Practitioner Certification Course to serve top leaders & managers discharge their roles & functions as desired. This is a 10 days intensive done in 2 blocks of 5 days for those who are ready for a quantum leap in the quality of life.

5) Outstanding Achievers Camp

OAC is done in 2 phases, level 1 and level 2. Each phase is done over 2 intensive days, overnight & live-in. Level I is essentially to re-engineer the self-image, activate new inner resources, set audacious goals, install behaviours of excellence both for education and Life, thereby liberating the child to live their true potential now. Level 2 focuses on longer term goals, advanced study skills, presentation & leadership skills. This program has been tried and tested in several countries and found to be extremely effective both for underperforming & performing kids. We have delivered this program successfully in schools. Level 1 is delivered in the beginning or March holidays and level 2 is delivered in June or September holidays.

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6) Master Your Mind for Perfect Health

This is a workshop title aptly chosen for an awesome 2-day life-transforming experience. 11 years of sickness free life. Being living proof of what he will be teaching you, Vas has specific step-by-step processes to help you adopt the Life you want – ABSOLUTELY FREE FROM SICKNESS. Isn’t it strange that we know more about the inner working processes of our cars, motorcycles & electrical appliances then our anatomy? Medical doctors take 6 years to master the anatomy of the human body and we as owners of our body, do not take responsibility to learn about the anatomy although we have a whole life time to do so. This is a very strange phenomenon, isn’t it? Shouldn’t we be concerned about what’s going on inside us by seriously taking the effort to learn the insides of our anatomy?

You understand Psycho Somatic Symptoms & Psychoneuroimmunology which are concepts when mastered will liberate us from sickness because the processes are easy to do.

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