What differentiates Vas from others?

Course participants getting the feeling of being a champion

27 years of experience in training & leading Officers & Men, thousand & thousands of them, to do massive & dangerous feats, that often, they are reluctant to do. Attended & exposed to some of the rarest & toughest training ever known to man: Ranger, Airborne, Naval Diver & the entire range and intricacies of Artillery training. He is exposed also to some of the most advanced Leadership & Management concepts on the planet, both military & commercial.

Vas thrives at helping individuals & organisations achieve extraordinary results, Win and stay ahead of the competition.

These are at the core of what Vas brings to his clients. Combined with 12 years of experience with NLP & other Mind-sciences, empowering Individuals of all ages and Organisations of all sizes, Vas specializes in making things work. Every training session is designed to immerse the clients in metaphoric situations that would require them to overcome their inhibitions right there and then. He will push you beyond your comfort zones, smash through your emotional & physical pain barriers to activate your inner resources, allowing you to live your true potential. Not for the feint hearted.

Rock climbing activity in one of Vas's courses


It's all about Winning.... NO LIMITS


Ignite the lives of every human being within our influence, allow them to find their true selves & live their potential now!


Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) was the catalyst that made a significant shift in direction in every aspect of Vas’s life. According to Vas, his life began when he was 46 years young. He felt cheated by life till then…..asking himself, “Why didn’t I know all of this till now?” Obviously, there was no answer.

Well, he concluded that he didn’t need an answer. He founded Leading Performance Singapore and has developed it into a successful training company over 12 years operating in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri-Lanka & Maldives, through which he lives his Vision.

Vas’s Accomplishments and Track Record

Group photo when Vas was in millitary (SAF)

  1. Served the Singapore Armed Forces and retired early as a Major. He has always been involved in training reluctant minds to do dangerous things safely and efficiently. He trained officers to do complex tasks effortlessly. During his career as an Artillery Officer, Vas has been exposed to a myriad of complex systems, leadership and management models. He has undergone some of the toughest training that most soldiers would dread going through – the entire range Artillery training, Airborne, Ranger & Diver.

  2. Having Mastered NLP, Hypnotherapy and many other mind sciences over the years, Vas brings to you legitimate and original material from the founding bodies (see above) with world- class certifications. To make it even better, he has innovated and adapted the Mind Sciences to the Asian psyche and context. Over the past 11 years, Vas has helped Corporations, Teams and Individuals (both adults & Kids) align themselves and achieve success in whatever they desired.

  3. Firewalking activity in Vas's courses

  4. Vas is a staunch believer that the relationship between performance and leadership is tightly interwoven. His exposure to a myriad of leadership models over the years, his exposure to a complex spectrum of planning methodologies and having applied them in challenging environment, Vas has much to impart and he does so by artfully weaving these ideas into all his programs.


Robert Dilts & Judy Delozier – NLP University USA

Vas with Judy Delozier & Robert Dilts (NLPU)

I was in deep contemplation on which Master Trainer/s do I go to for my NLP Consultancy & Trainer’s Certification after about 1 year of graduating from NLP Master Practitioner Certification Training in Singapore with Barney Wee of Mind Transformations. I was told that Robert Dilts of NLP University, was a very theoretical innovator of NLP and that it is not going to be very exciting, his manner if delivery. Most of my colleagues were of this opinion. Guess what I did? When most people agree with something, I looked the other way.

How right I was!!! Robert was amazing & super deep. Together with Judith Delozier, Suzi Smith & Michael Colgrass I was entertained to a depth of NLP that I can only continue to seek clarity for…even after 12 years of exploring & teaching all over Asia. Simply awesome!

Ormand McGil , Marleen Mulder & Randal Churchil – Hypnotherapy Institute of California USA

Vas with Ormand McGil , Marleen Mulder & Randal Churchil

Having mastered NLP, I realised that there was a serious need to be armed with deeper healing processes like Hypnotherapy. I look far and wide. I was prepared to go to the corners of the planet to find the right masters and I found HTI California. Ormond McGil was 91 years old when he was teaching me. What an honour! 2 years after, the legend passed on. Randal & Marleen were my Gurus who have been working on people & teaching teachers work miracles for more than 70 years put together. Most of their processes were motivated by Gill Boyne, another heavy weight in the Hypnotherapy world arena.

After qualifying as an advanced Hypnotherapist in one solid month of intense training, I returned to HTI Ca again, this time to be certified as Clinical Hypnotherapist. All my certifications by HTI Ca is also approved by the American Council for Hypnotherapy Examiners. This is main stream Hypnotherapy.

Dr Tad James & Dr Adriana James – ABNLP, ABH & TLTA USA

Vas with Dr Tad James & Dr Adriana James – ABNLP, ABH & TLTA USA

After several years of empowering lives with NLP & Main stream Hypnotherapy, I was seeking for more and expedient ways of Intervention to help people overcome their challenges. The American Board of NLP appeared to be appropriate. Tad & Adriana James were clinicians - masters who know the difference that made the difference. Although they were just as scientific in their values, they stood out for me as artists of NLP processes. They taught me how to make things work, how to make change work by being more incisive with the critical stages of the processes.

Simply awesome! With their blessings I became recognised & certified as a trainer of NLP with ABNLP. Now I have both the Art & Science of NLP and that is what my clients & students get when they seek my services.

Ericksonian Hypnotherapy – Dr Tad James has a doctorate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. I was intrigued by the genius of Dr Milton Erickson and his innovation with his brand of Hypnotherapy which is Indirect & permissive in nature. It gave me an extremely effective change tool that can help people help themselves without much effort because I was able to evade any conscious resistance from them. I was able to work on Kids who could not stay still or would not listen to instructions. With Dr Tad James & the American Board for Hypnotherapy, I was certified an Advanced Hypnotherapist & a Trainer of Hypnotherapy. Now my students are blessed to be exposed in both Mainstream & Ericksonian Hypnotherapy.

TimeLine Therapy – Creator of TimeLine Therapy & Founder of TimeLine Therapy Assiciation, Dr Tad James has made the processes of reframing negative life experiences so simple, fast & effective. Learning from the creator himself was a great honour because I was able to explore behind the surface of the processes and this privileged understanding has help me become more clinical & effective when teaching & helping my clients TLT. Helping clients release negative emotions & re-define Limiting Beliefs is now a breeze both for me and my students. I was certified a Trainer of TimeLine Therapy.

Michael Colgrass – NLPU Trainer

Vas with Michael Colgrass – NLPU Trainer

Pulitzer Prize winner, Trainer of NLP & innovator of Somatic Syntax Michael Colgrass was a revelation. At 70 years old he was able to do a head stand on stage while he was teaching us. He made my experience more interesting & meaningful. Another master who showed me that we are like wine – the older we are the better we taste & the more expensive we become.

Kenrick Cleveland – Max Persuasion Training

Vas with Kenrick Cleveland – Max Persuasion Training

Every year I look for another Guru to expand my expertise and take it to the next level. I wanted to raise my Mastery in Persuasion especially in Sales, Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching. I found Kenrick Cleveland who has over 30 years of experience in Persuasion Skills using NLP & Hypnosis. I went to Las Vegas to learn from him and I found a genius in the subject matter. Today, I weave all of his processes into all my communication & persuasion training.


  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Consultant & Trainer,NLPU&ABNLP

  • Certified Trainer of Hypnotherapy, approved American Board of Hypnotherapy and recognized American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

  • Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

  • Member of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners

  • Certified Trainer of Time Line Therapy, TLTA USA

  • High Impact Teaching (HIT), High Impact Learning Inc, USA

  • Certified Licensed Fire Walking Instructor – Fire-Walking Institute Research & Education(FIRE), Texas USA.

  • Non-violent Communication Qualified, Gina Lawrie & Liz Gay, UK

  • Diploma in Applied Psychology (Counseling and Communication)

  • 30 Years of Experience in Leadership and Management

Courses Offerred

Vas conducts qualification courses for NLP, Hypnotherapy and Timeline Therapy, Performance Enhancement Corporate training, Peak Performance training/coaching for sports, Therapeutic & Change works, Life & career coaching, Team Building, Study skill Enhancement training & Motivational talks etc... Our trainings are armed with powerful breakthrough exercises such as Fire-Walking, Walking on Broken Glass, Arrow Breaking & Iron-rod bending with the throat, Board Breaking etc. We have our own world-class, professional instructors for all of these challenging exercises.

We welcome you aboard an experience that will blast away any inhibitions that you have about life, freeing yourself from the shackles, allowing you to actualize and finally say,


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