"Ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching" Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner/Coach Certification Course


Leading Performance Singapore is honoured to present one of our signature personal mastery courses. The NLP Practitioner / Coaching Certification Course is an 8-day intensive, designed to ingrain a Winning Mind-set, Exceptional Leadership and Congruence in the participants. That is why we have aptly named the theme “Ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching”.

The analogies and practical application will be tailored to the ‘Art of Ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching’ so as to have an immediate positive effect in the way they perceive themselves, others and life in general.


The aim of this proposal is to apprise potential Practitioners / Coaches of NLP on the concepts, objectives and benefits of the Mar 2013, “Ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching” NLP Practitioner/Coach Certification Course.

Snapshot of NLP

Founded by Richard Bandler and John Grinder in the early 1970s, NLP is the art and science of personal excellence. Art because everyone brings their unique personality and style to what they do, and this can never be captured in words or techniques. Science because there is a method and process for discovering the patterns used by outstanding individuals in any field to achieve outstanding results.

This process is called modeling, and many of these skills and techniques of NLP were derived by observing the patterns of excellence in experts from diverse fields of professional communication including; Leadership, psychotherapy, business, hypnosis, law, forensics, sports and education for more effective communication, personal development, accelerated learning and peak performance. It has devised a trail of very powerful methodologies to “shorten the learning curve”.

NLP studies the patterns or “programming” created by the interaction between the brain (“neuro”), language (“linguistic’) and the body. From the NLP perspective, it is the interaction that produces both effective and ineffective behavior, and is responsible for the processes behind both human excellence and pathology. In a nutshell, NLP is a behavioral science that provides:

  1. An Epistemology – A system of knowledge and values.

  2. A Methodology – Processes and procedures for applying knowledge and values.

  3. A Technology – Tools to aid in the application of knowledge and values.

Gaining prominence in the arena of main stream mind studies like Psychology, Psychiatry, Psycho-therapy, Counseling, Coaching etc, NLP is by far the most powerful mind technology known to mankind. While NLP is a “stand-alone”, holistic and robust modality for change manifestation and peak performance, it can also fit harmoniously with all other mind modalities mentioned above in this segment.

Why become a world-class certified NLP Practitioner/Coach?

Once you know what you don’t know the experience would be endless. However, some of the pertinent reasons are as follows:

  1. Have been living life in mediocrity for ages and are sick and tired of it.

  2. Are in the cross-roads of your career and seeking clarity to which direction to take hereon.

  3. Doing reasonably well in life but you know that you could be even better and want to know how.

  4. Wondering how the failures of life(Einstein, Edison, Disney, Jordan etc) made it big in one life-time.

  5. You want to help many people you know who live life in desperation but don’t know how.

  6. You want to resolve all the internal conflict you have with yourself and move forward with greater zest and speed.

  7. You want a certification that is second to none and world class.

  8. You want to re-craft a Master Piece of your life and eradicate all Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs that’s holding you back.

  9. You want to really be able to have control of your inner resources that will assure greater control of your life.

  10. You want to master the control of your emotions.

  11. You want to have the Best Professional Therapeutic Coaching Skills on the planet.

  12. You want to Master the Art of Persuasion and Sales.

  13. You want to Speak and make Presentations like a pro.

  14. You want to be able to design and conduct NLP based training for Kids and Adults.

  15. You want to help people and yourself solve relationship issues.

  16. You want to know what the best Peak Performance training on the planet is all about.

  17. You want to experience and own the Ultimate Leadership model known to mankind.

  18. You want to know what else Vas has to offer in the areas of Personal Mastery.and Mind-Sciences.