Hypnotherapy & Timeline Therapy Certification Training


Having successfully completed the NLP Practitioner/Therapeutic Coaching Certification training, and having practiced some of the stuff you learned and having experienced massive success or at least a glimpse of success, I can safely say that most of you would be asking, what’s next, wouldn’t you? That’s riiight. Here it is.

Before you own the title of Master NLP Practitioner & Master Therapeutic Coach, which is the highest qualification for a leader to excel in every facet of his/her life with distinction, we have 2 more intermediary but deep and intense levels of training, i.e. 4-days Hypnotherapy & 2-days TimeLine Therapy.

These 2 courses are pre-requisites for Master Practitioner Certification Training. These courses are also offered to those who wish to specialize in these 2 mind-sciences for specific purposes. Meaning, it is opened to those who are not NLP Practitioner certified yet. They may wish to pursue a pathway in Psycho-therapy using Hypnotherapy & TimeLine Therapy as their speciality. In Leading Performance Singapore, we have Hypnotherapy training at the Advanced(6-days) & Master levels(6-days) and Master Practitioner Level for TimeLine Therapy(2-days). These are only for specialists.

Hypnotherapy Certification

This is the 1st level offered in the field of Hypnotherapy and is a pre-requisite for Master Practitioner Certification training. This intensive training is done over 4-days, equipping you with a unique brand of Hypnotherapy from over 13 years of practical experience healing clients from all over the region and with material coming from the American Board for Hypnotherapy (ABH), Hypnotherapy Institute of California (HTI Ca) & The American Board for Hypnotherapy Examiners (ACHE).

The material covered will equip you with expertise such as:

  1. The fundamentals of NLP to get you ready to ecologically embrace powerful & incisive tools of Hypnotherapy

  2. The Roots and Universal Structure of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy

  3. The Myths & Misconceptions of Hypnotherapy

  4. Self-Hypnosis and the Art of creating a Self-Hypnosis Script for self and others

  5. Practical exercise on the Creation of a Self – Hypnosis recording on CD for self and clients

  6. The process of Hetero-Hypnotherapy and practical exercises to heal real disorders – Behavioural, Inner-problems & Sicknesses

  7. Expertise in the Diagnosis of a problem

  8. Experience in the use of several Hypnotherapy methods: Dave Elman, Randal Churchill & Milton Erickson

  9. Speed Induction processes

  10. Use of Hypnotherapy in all NLP Practitioner Intervention processes

  11. More...

Timeline Therapy Certfication

Created by Dr Tad James, founder of TimeLine Therapy Association USA and the American Board for Hypnotherapy, this mind-science is fundamentally designed for Releasing Negative Emotions & Removing Limiting Decisions (beliefs). Although it is done over a 2-day intensive life-changing experience, the pre-requisite is a couple of days of NLP & 4-days of Hypnotherapy. Again, both Hyp & TLT are pre-requisites for Master Practitioner Certification Training.

The magic of TLT is experienced when deep rooted and long-standing emotional baggage and limiting beliefs are cleared or reframed in less than 15 min each. Vas’s TLT training is experiential as he puts all his students through the entire process of healing before they are allowed to work on one another.

TLT is also used to put Goals into the future and live it as though achieved to program the Unconscious Mind.

TLT is used to shift personality traits by re-arranging the TimeLine orientation.

TLT is used to eradicate Anxiety in fewer than 15 minutes.


Hypnotherapy & TimeLine Therapy are advanced Psycho Therapeutic processes used together with NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner Intervention processes to help individuals & organisations overcome their inhibitions and live their true potential now.