Corporate Programmes

1) ”Ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching” NLP Practitioner Certification Course

NLP Practitioner Certification Training has been around since the early 70s and have been delivered based on a generic value to empower people who want to not only live awesome lives but also to help others as well. The incisive processes used to achieve results come from the study of strategies of excellence which were derived from modelling the authority figures of almost all areas of human existence. As it is, the traditional structure of NLP Practitioner Certification training has been extremely effective and powerful.

Having taught this program for more than 10 years, Vas has found that tweaking the contents and analogies to the theme, ‘leadership & Coaching’ is extremely critical in present times. Natural leaders are hard to come by and even the few may not have exposure to lead under the ever changing mindscape of people. NLP leadership ideas & processes are organic in nature and can be adapted pervasively to overcome challenges creatively & efficiently. The next concern for leaders is to get people to perform. By far, NLP has the most elegant & clinical Therapeutic processes to change a wide range of human disorders. Hence, Vas’s NLP Practitioner Certification Course is customized to empower & equip leaders to get what they want & to help ordinary people & organisations achieve extraordinary results.

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2) Holistic & Systemic People Development

Every organisation focuses on their core business first, like they should. Get the ‘right’ people in, give them training on the products and teach them how to sell. Time flies buy and at the end of the year or when the leaders find a lack in performance; interviews, motivational talks and some kind of training is employed. Sometimes it is done in-house with a specialist trainer or training methodology and at other times one is allowed to choose from a laundry list of personal development courses available in the HR directory. Either way, one-off training methods are employed. There wouldn’t be serious tracking, consolidation & validation of these training programs by the leadership or human resource department of the organisation, simply because there is no bandwidth to do so. Consequently, time and money may be wasted.

By the way, these one-off training programs are as effective as they should be because the founder and developer may have spent a life-time creating it and may have succeeded with it in some ways. The problem is, each of these ‘gurus’ may have created a niche area of personal mastery that they are great at and may have written one or a few books on it. To name a few, we have, Dale Carnegie, Steven Covey, Brian Tracy, Ron Kauffman, John Maxwell, Keith Cunningham etc. The problem is, these ‘gurus’ are great but they specialize in certain niche areas and do not provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to personal mastery. Till the early seventies there was no such mind science that provided a holistic & systemic approach to people development. This profound approach to personal mastery for organisation is founded on Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

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3) MDRT & Winning Sales Training - You simply cannot fail - The inner game of Super Sales

This immensely effective sales course comes from 10 years of selling every training solution by himself. About 90% of his training solutions were researched and designed solely by Vas, the principal trainer of Leading Performance Singapore. “You Simply Cannot Fail – The Inner Game of Super Sales” is such a course.

30 years of training reluctant minds to do physically demanding and dangerous things while in the Singapore Armed Forces, Vas’s experience in having a deep understanding on how people make decisions is deep and very sound. Having formally studied with the very best sales gurus in the world, mastered Neuro-Linguistic Programming(NLP) and Hypnosis, he weaves all of these modalities with his practical experiences and enriches his courses, making them extremely effective and sought after.

In just 2 intensive 12 hour days, you stand to experience and take away deeply programmed sales behaviour and tools that will set you apart from your past capability and your competition instantly. The only sales training in the world with a Mind-blowing breakthrough activity on day one.

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4) Visioning Retreat for Leaders

Leading Performance Singapore is privileged to serve your organisation, as your Leaders poise themselves to bring out the very best from everyone in the organisation and consequently, establishing themselves as leaders in the industry. To achieve this audacious goal, there is a need for the leadership team to go through an immersion to validate their past performances and to craft out a master piece of a plan that will allow a ground-breaking overall performance from the entire organisation.

This event will be held over 2-days. Prior to the event, Mr Vas, our principal consultant & trainer will meet with all the leaders and a sampling of people from the entire organisation to understand deeply their vibes and to coach them in their preparation for the actual 2-days.

An incisive NLP Visioning process will be used to achieve the objectives of the Visioning Retreat for leaders.

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5) Team Building – Dream Team Warrior & Dream Team Ultimate Warrior

Why such a camp? Why is there a need to make things so challenging for people? To those who are satisfied with mediocrity and prefer to stay in the comfort zone, this camp will be too dreadful even to think about it. For the 1% of exceptional leaders who are constantly finding ways of breaking barriers and staying ahead of the competition, this Camp is for you specifically. You know for sure that being number one is extremely hard. You know for sure that for Massive Results you must be prepared to take Massive Action.

The problem is, people often don’t know what they don’t know. Therefore, they would naively accept the comfort zone or mediocrity. Vas has experienced very educated people disputing why they would go beyond their comfort zones. This is when education gets in the way of their wisdom. People become very self-centred. To such people “the teacher will appear when the student is ready”. We move on to help those who are ready. If you are still reading, something must have surfaced in your mind, for sure. Let’s press-on and explore making it happen for you.

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6) Master NLP Practitioner Certification Course

Certified Master NLP Practitioner is a highly prestigious qualification in the Leadership & Coaching fraternity. The pre-requisite to this level of training are NLP Practitioner certification, Basic Hypnotherapy certification & Time Line Therapy certification. Master Practitioner training explores higher levels of thinking & existence where bandwidth & capacity to solve problems are expanded exponentially. Multi-faceted processes that are both organic & generative are employed to draw distinctive performances from everyone. Leaders will have the mental ability to stay a few steps ahead of their people. Higher levels of internal reference points will be activated so that high level decisions are made quickly & effectively. Vas titled this course, “Advanced Ultimate Leadership & Therapeutic Coaching”, Master NLP Practitioner Certification Course to serve top leaders & managers discharge their roles & functions as desired. This is a 10 days intensive done in 2 blocks of 5 days for those who are ready for a quantum leap in the quality of life.